My Tiny Dictator

I spend 50% of my nights praying that my toddler will fall asleep gracefully and the other 50% that she will stay in her own bed. She isn’t even the worst sleeper and she can go to bed on her own nicely. I am still getting up in the night with the baby, which is … More My Tiny Dictator

The Disclaimer

You’ve done it. I do it.. and if you have no idea what I’m talking about you either don’t have a house that is a mess, don’t have kids, or you are just so at peace with your mess that you should be teaching the rest of us your secret (it’s totally wine, right?). I … More The Disclaimer

On the prowl

If you’re on your first matleave and you’re coming out of the haze of having a baby, feeding schedules, barely sleeping etc, it’s time to start mom-dating. If this isn’t your first rodeo then you know what’s up, hey girl. Like most people, I have my core group of friends and I tend to meet … More On the prowl

A pop of colour

It’s been six months since my second daughter was born, and that means that it has been about six months since I stopped wearing lipstick regularly. I LOVE a pop of colour on my lips and a swipe of eyeliner as much as the next gal, but I am addicted to kissing my baby’s face … More A pop of colour