16 Valentine’s cards later…

It’s Valentine’s Day and that means my 2.5 year old is ‘celebrating’ with her friends at daycare. Valentine’s Day is not like Christmas where there is a steady build up to the big day. Valtentine’s day has small build up and then arrives catching many unaware.  And if we arebeing  honest, it’s not much more than a commercial reminder to show the one you live that they are indeed loved. But I digress. 

At daycare, one of the other moms gave each kid a full size hot-pink playdoh with a little heart shaped gift tag before the long weekend. My kid was so excited and it made me excited for her. That set the tone: I was going to make Valentine’s cards  

Now, because they can’t read, I have no free time and money doesn’t grow on trees I opted for Frozen themed Valentine’s cards that I had my kid colour and put heart shaped stickers on while I carefully filled in each child’s name (spoiler: she lost interest). This project highlighted three things:

  1. I don’t know who every kid in the class is. After referring to the class picture and asking my toddler for clarity I panicked over the spelling of some of the names…. nothing is ever as it seems these days especially with names. 
  2. My kid had strong ideas of who should get which card, despite my insistence that the other three little girls might prefer princess cards instead of abominable snowman. With feminism being on everyone’s lips at the moment perhaps I should have checked any stereotypes at the door… but I have yet to meet any child who does not prefer Elsa or Ana seemingly sexist or not. 
  3. I worried that our Valentine’s offering of a card and stickers wasn’t ‘enough’…. but they are under the age of three and have no idea of St. Valentine of why some little girl’s mommy has sent him or her a ‘you’re cool’ Olaf card.  

On top of the cards, the kids are having a potluck snack time and are meant to wear red and pink instead of their typical uniforms. It’s a lot to remember at 7:30 a.m. but at the end of the day my kid will have a great day and enjoy sharing the cards with her friends. And I’ll even let her have all the credit. 

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