The Disclaimer

You’ve done it. I do it.. and if you have no idea what I’m talking about you either don’t have a house that is a mess, don’t have kids, or you are just so at peace with your mess that you should be teaching the rest of us your secret (it’s totally wine, right?).

I have another mom friend popping by for a visit with her baby this afternoon and I just looked around my living room and felt shame that it isn’t perfect. It’s messy, not dirty, so nothing 30 minutes of picking up and lighting a candle won’t fix. But I felt totally compelled to throw out a disclaimer that my home, the one I share with a 2.5 year old, a baby, my husband and two cats is slightly untidy. Shame on me for thinking this isn’t normal.

Like my other mom friends don’t have the same messes they battle everyday. Have you ever successfully gone through a meal where your kids haven’t dropped food on the floor, intentionally or not? I haven’t. So why then the need to to give a disclaimer. House proud, a little. Want to be a nice hostess, absolutely! But then the best text response ever, “Don’t clean! My place is a disaster! Do you want me to bring lunch? Text your order”

Amazing! I always knew I had great friends. I’ll still tidy, but am not going to worry about the pile of recycling that needs to go out or the dishes in the sink. I’ll stress about that stuff just before my in-laws come over later. 

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