New Year, Humble Intentions

It’s a new year and with that most people are pledging reform in one area of their lives or another. I set up to write this post well over a week ago. I felt ready and excited for 2017, and still am. But what I wasn’t expecting was the lows that I would feel after the holidays.

For two wonderful weeks, I was surrounded with my girls, my husband, friends and family. Wine, cheese, chocolate and more wine. Then it was January 3rd and everyone who had somewhere else to be went there. And I was home, with my baby, with a pile of recycling to go out and more toast crumbs on the floor than I thought possible. Instead of enjoying the quiet, I felt alone.

In the days since everyone got back to their own lives, I have avoided a lot of domestics that I should have been doing, favouring instead to walk in the cold to buy a coffee and meet up with a friend, then panicking that I haven’t done anything to contribute to the care of our home. It’s a vicious cycle. The good news is that I can feel myself coming out of this funk. The sun has been out, and the weekend is approaching where I will spend time with my best friends and watch my girls enjoy swimming lessons.

With a toddler and infant at home, it is hard to put emphasis on looking after myself  and not feeling guilty about the laundry et al. In 2017, my intention is to put more emphasis on self-care. And by self-care, I mean on my mental and emotional self… but if I get a few manicures along the way all the better.

The Mommy Collective is a large part of me mental self-care; it means that I have to take the time to listen to what is going on in my head and my heart and allowing myself the time I need to decompress, evaluate and be present to what is going on in my life.

A few of the things that I am committed to changing or incorporating into my daily routine are as follows:

  • Start the day with a positive intention and affirmation
  • Create space in the calendar to focus on projects that are important to me and that bring me joy
  • Less is more – declutter home and minimalize wardrobe
  • Read and write everyday

It’s not a long list and theorietically, it doesn’t seem especially hard when I look at these four things jotted down. But if you have kids, you know how difficult it is to even go to the bathroom alone, forget reading.

As I write this now, two weeks in to 2017, I am releasing myself from the guilt I had about not posting on January 1st about all the amazing things I was going to tackle in this new year. Now, two weeks later, I have a more humble and realistic vision for what I need this year and I’m proud of it.



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