A pop of colour

It’s been six months since my second daughter was born, and that means that it has been about six months since I stopped wearing lipstick regularly. I LOVE a pop of colour on my lips and a swipe of eyeliner as much as the next gal, but I am addicted to kissing my baby’s face so subsequently I dialled back on the red lips, and the overall time spent on my morning routine. But no matter how tired I am, I always feel better about the day with mascara and a light tinted gloss to brighten things up.

For every day, I am loving the Fresh Tinted Lip Treatments. They are my go to and always in my diaper bag (currently there are two in there 🙊). My lips are always soft and colours range from Nude to Poppy to flatter all skin tones and moods. And for when I just need a little extra care, I use their Advanced Therapy. It’s clear, so when my toddler asks me to do her lips too it doesn’t leave her looking like a painted toddler #parentingwin.

For lipstick, recently I tried the London Butter Lipstick range and fell head over heels. Their lipstick is luxurious going on and definitely stands up against all the cups of coffee one needs to get through the day. I have the Buzzed Plush Rush for a warmer hue this winter. The lipstick features a plumping agent that gently tingles to give a fuller pout. Just what a tired mama needs when she is wanting to look her best.

If I’ve taken a couple of minutes to put myself together my mindset shifts altogether from ‘sleep deprived mother of dragons’ to ‘hot mom ready to slay’.




Just a note that this is in no way a paid ad… these are simply products that I use and personally recommend.

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