Am I lazy?… and other questions I’ve asked myself

Mom guilt. It’s a thing. Is it a real thing, I’m not sure that is a yes or no question. On my best day I’ll likely tell you that you’re only as guilty as you allow yourself to feel. And on a crappy day, well, I’ll probably just screen my calls because I don’t want to deal. 

Mom guilt pops up for a million different reasons and makes one feel as if they aren’t doing enough. That they aren’t working hard enough. Just not enough. It’s a crappy feeling when you had the best intentions to lovingly care for your kids, make their meals, do everyone’s laundry, clean the house and make a delicious dinner (surprise you have no food in your pantry).Or whatever it is you were well intended on doing that day. Then it doesn’t happen they way you hoped and you feel like an epic failure. The pressure to be perfect or to be all things to all people is there. That feels real. Until you let go of hating on yourself for a day for not being perfect. Feels good, yes?

An area that I decided to let go was rushing around doing errands with my kids. That’s when I decided to order my groceries online and have them delivered to my door all for the price of a latte. I felt lazy as hell – at first. And I worried my husband would think that I was wasting money on delivery fees. But then I realized something – I hadn’t just paid a delivery fee, I had just paid for an hour extra in my week where I could focus my efforts elsewhere. I am a champion of organization

In my neighbourhood, many of the grocery stores now offer online ordering and some will deliver for a small fee. In addition to the ease of delivery, here are some of the other benefits I enjoyed:

  • I could build my shopping list on my app and submit order when I was ready
  • I could easily search for products by name or browse the categories – reduced impulse-buy that I usually have in person
  • I could see my total bill accumulating and could easily make edits to my  cart in order to manage my spending 
  • No walking up and down aisles 
  • No loading or unloading 
  • I could select the two-hour window for delivery that worked for my schedule

Obviously to place an order online you need to be organized as it will be delivered the next day – I’ll be in my local grocery store to buy last minute items at some point but I’m hoping that overall my domestic organization will improve my meal planning so at the very least weekday meals are never last minute. 

So, ordering groceries went from feeling lazy to feeling like a organizational champion. Try it. Let go and try it. If delivery isn’t for you, try ordering an picking up your items already selected and bagged for you. 

Next, I’m looking into a cleaning lady. 

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