Raising Parents

Today is December 7th and I have yet to write any Christmas cards and writing Christmas cards is probably what I should be doing at this very moment in time. But I am here instead writing for The Mommy Collective while I sit cross-legged on the floor breastfeeding my six-month old, because quite frankly I have the mind to write about my life more than I do sending best wishes to relatives. And it’s not that I don’t love writing well wishes to relatives for the year ahead, I just prefer to do so with a glass of wine in my hand and not a baby at my breast. Choices.

I have had an itch to write for sometime and being on matleave with a six-month old and a two and half year old, there is rarely enough time to do all the things that one should get done in a day, or a week (see, Christmas cards). I wanted to write about what I know, and right now, what I know is my day-to-day wins and fails of parenting while learning on the job, so to speak. As a new-ish mom, I have met and been influenced by so many people, and am realizing that it does take a collective to raise a parent. It is collaborative, supportive and I want to take all the strength of my third cup of coffee and pour it into a space that raises you up in the same way that I am trying to raise myself as a parent.

So, if you’re a busy parent and there are literally thousands of mom blogs and information outlets available, why The Mommy Collective? I hope that it’s because we are here with  the intent to support, to share and to laugh through the stories and experiences of the Collective.




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